The Mask of Aries

ARIES the Ram is the first sign of the Zodiac and the sign of the self.  It is the first FIRE sign of the zodiac, representing Spiritual-Inspirational Energy.  Aries is a MASCULINE sign and also a CARDINAL sign.  Cardinal signs represent initiation and leadership.  Aries is the youngest sign and their mission is to explore and discover their identity.  They don’t agree with or believe a thing until they have experienced it themselves. Then they broadcast their discovery as if they’re the first man to land on the Moon.

Aires is associated with the planet Mars.  Taking action is more important than asking questions and assessing the situation.  Aries can start anything, no matter how daunting the task or how frightening the potential conflict.  Aries doesn’t know the task is impossible and doesn’t care.  In this way, they often work miracles but they also often ram their heads up against a wall.


The Mask of Taurus

TAURUS the Bull is associated with the planet Venus.  Taurus is the first EARTH sign of the zodiac – representing Physical Energy and sensation.  Taurus is a FEMININE sign, also a FIXED sign.  Fixed signs represent Integrity and Stability.  Taureans are notorious for their stubbornness.  This is because they have to possess their own experience of something first before acknowledging it.  Aries doesn’t know that something is right for them until they try it.  Taurus won’t try it unless they can call it their own; even if they know it is right.

Taurus experiences things viscerally, through the senses of smell, touch, and taste, especially.  Taurus also likes color and pleasant looking things.  Taurus can be alternately lazy and indulgent in food, wine, and sex - or extremely industrious and into the sensation of working hard.  Both are a sensual experience to the Bull.  Taurus’ mission is to understand the true meaning of Value.


The Mask of Gemini

GEMINI is the first AIR sign of the zodiac, representing Mental and Discursive Energy.  Gemini is a MUTABLE sign.  Mutable signs represent Flexibility and the ability to tie up loose ends.  Although Gemini is a MASCULINE sign – and it is very masculine – its mutability enables it a high femininity as well.  Gemini is associated with the planet Mercury and primarily concerned with information for its own sake.  They enjoy learning about extreme points of view and discussing their differences.  Because of this, Gemini is a great student and can memorize well.

Gemini – or the Twins - are well known for their two faces.  One is traditionally feminine, passive, quiet and withdrawn.  The other is traditionally masculine, brash, loquacious, and even mean.  But Gemini’s mission is to know – and alternately express - the mystery that is both the two faces and neither of them at the same time.


The Mask of Cancer

CANCER the Crab's primary concern is with security, but Cancer’s mission is to realize that it is already one with everything.  When it realizes that it is already in the most secure position it can be, it can share that nurturing with others.  This realization is a life-long lesson for Cancer.

Cancer is the first WATER sign of the zodiac, representing Emotional and Spiritual Energy.  It is a FEMININE Cardinal sign.  Cancer is associated with the Moon and with the tides of the Ocean and its ebb and flow.  Cancer is moody just like the changing face of the Moon.  At one point they are almost smothering in their care and concern for you and then at another point they are overly sensitive and wrapped up in their own needs being (or not being) met.  Where Gemini can flip personalities on you at the drop of a dime, Cancer’s moods swing, but their overall personality maintains its integrity.


The Mask of Leo

LEO’s mask is a favorite mask for the Sun, because Leo the Lion is associated with the Sun itself.  Here, the Sun’s rays burn most brightly and brazenly.  Leo is a Fixed Fire sign, representing spiritual stability.  Leo is also a MASCULINE sign.  Leo is all about the ego, the personal protective force that maintains the integrity of our identity.  The ego is the personality skin for our spirit, our deeper identity.  Leo has the very noble task of using the ego to represent the spirit appropriately.

Leo is the most royal sign.  Like the Sun, it is the center of all things.  When a Leo walks into a room, they draw attention to themselves just like the Sun pulling planets into its orbit.  Leo’s mission is to experience being the heart and spine and center of all things.


The Mask of Virgo

VIRGO the Virgin Harvester is one of the most misunderstood signs of the zodiac.  Like Her set of Brother/Sister twins Gemini, Virgo is associated with Mercury; but here Mercury expresses its analytical and discriminating nature toward information and knowledge.

Gemini is a mask: hiding and revealing – tricking and communicating the truth of a thing.  Virgo is the avatar of a principle or truth.  An Avatar is the temporary embodiment of a god, goddess or ideal.  As a Mutable Earth sign, Virgo can organize both physical items and mental ideas into a useful order; hence their powerful sacred sexual role.  Virgo is a FEMININE sign.  The Mission of Virgo is to construe and order the amorphous Universe into a form and function to which we all can relate.


The Mask of Libra

LIBRA the Scales is the second sign of the zodiac associated with Venus.  Here Venus expresses the aesthetic principle through the craft of making things beautiful and Her affinity for harmony in all relations.  Libra is a Cardinal Air sign.  Where Venus was more physical in Earthy Fixed Taurus, She is more conceptual and discursive in Airy Libra.  Libra is the craftsperson, the applied artist and the convivial conversationalist.

Libra is argumentative, but not confrontational.  They like to play the devil’s advocate, usually with the intention of making a discussion fair.  Libra makes the perfect judge, because their intention is justice and equity.  Libra’s Mission is to create Partnership and experience Harmony.  Libra’s identity is not discovered through obsessing on the self like Aries.  Its identity is discovered while experiencing self within the context of relationship.


The Mask of Scorpio

…and now we arrive at the most powerful sign, SCORPIO.  Libra was the most feminine of all the masculine signs, and Scorpio is the most masculine of all the FEMININE signs.  Scorpio the Scorpion is also Scorpio the Snake, the Wolf, the Phoenix and the Eagle.  Scorpio has many aspects to it, ranging from the most taboo pain-inflicting animal to the most lofty and sacred animal.

Scorpio presides over all that is taboo:  the sexual organs, the anus, blood, all sexuality; sexual bondage and abuse; sexual freedom and healing; venereal diseases and their cures; money lending, debt, inheritances and legacies; dark, hidden, invisible and occult things; the mysteries of life through reproduction and death; and everything associated with death, including the most profound aspect of death – rebirth.  Scorpio’s mission is to take everything that is taboo and to restore it to its sacred function.


The Mask of Sagittarius

SAGITTARIUS is associated with the planet Jupiter.  Jupiter is so large that it is almost a sun itself.  It gives off more energy and radiation than it receives from the Sun.  Other planets, like Saturn do this, too.  But Jupiter radiates more energy than any other planet.  Its expansive embrace heralds many moons that orbit it like a mini solar system.

Sagittarius the Centaur is the half human-half horse teacher and philosopher who runs around like a wild stallion shooting arrows that wound us with words of truth and wisdom.  Sagittarius is a Mutable MASCULINE Fire sign.  It is flirty and sagacious (wise like a sage; hence its name).  The Sagittarian’s mission is to test boundaries.  Sagittarius is here to break itself and everyone else all out of the boxes that we’ve trapped ourselves in.


The Mask of Capricorn

This is the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac.  Most people think of CAPRICORN as the Goat, but this sign’s animal is much more involved than that.  Capricorn is the Sea-Goat: half Seahorse from the waist down and half Mountain Goat from the waist up.  Capricorn has full access to the qualities of both animals.  Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth sign associated with the planet Saturn.  It is a FEMININE sign with a host of highly masculine qualities.

Capricorn is known for its strong work ethic.  It delights in the sensation of working even more than Taurus does.  Because Capricorn is so famous for being conservative, it is not well known for its randy, goat-like, horny nature; which is more potent here than in any other sign.  Capricorn’s mission is to use and to learn all about use.  They are very resourceful and can solve almost any problem.  Capricorns can assess a situation and see what people and/or resources are available to fix the problem.


The Mask of Aquarius

Although it is a Fixed Air sign, AQUARIUS the Water Bearer has the distinguished task of moving Water – emotion and spirit - around with the communication element Air.  Aquarius is associated with the planets Saturn and Uranus.  Saturn represents boundaries and limitations.  Uranus represents the destruction of outmoded structures and old limitations.  Aquarius is a MASCULINE sign.

The Aquarian’s mission is to bring about change in the community and freedom to the individual in the community.  Aquarius’ icon The Water Bearer is the Bodhisattva, or Compassionate Enlightened Being/Buddha who refuses the heaven of Nirvana to stay on Earth and help enlighten the world.  It is only when Aquarius can connect with the Enlightened Self in the presence of others that it connects to its powers of compassion and community building.  Then all of the changes it makes for the community are healthy and appropriate.    Then it can not only be a friend but have a friend.  Then, its rebellious streak works against the things that the community really must fight and change.


The Mask of Pisces

PISCES is the last sign of the zodiac and the sum total of all the signs, collecting and dissolving them all into one amorphous Cosmos.

Pisces represents the “weakest” aspects of all the signs, but it has the strongest effect of all the signs.  It is a FEMININE, Mutable Water sign associated with expansive Jupiter and dreamy Neptune.  It is this very “weak,” indirectness that affords Pisces the opportunity to affect things that would otherwise be impenetrable directly.  Pisces doesn’t take the front door or the back door to an opportunity.  It dreams itself through the walls to get inside.

Pisces relates to everything that is in the realm of dreams and the unconscious.  The Mission of Pisces is to express the mystical kinship of all things.