Which Day Were You Born?



Meaning: The Sun's Day

Planetary Ruler: The Sun – not a planet; rather a Luminary

The Sun represents the Energy System of the overall self.  He is the Unifying Principle of LIFE.  All of the planets—which represent the other energy systems of LIFE—revolve around the Sun.  The Sun is our overall character and personality.  It is we, ourselves, in a nutshell.  The sign that He is associated with, or “rules” is Leo.

Related Sign(s): Leo, the Lion.  This Zodiac sign is ruled by The Sun.



Meaning: The Moon's Day

Planetary Ruler: The Moon – not a planet; rather a Luminary

The Moon, instead of pulling all things into its orbit, is emotionally and intuitively interrelated to all the other planets, especially the Sun.  The Moon represents the Interrelatedness of All Things.  She is the “you” that you know, deep inside.  She is your “gut instinct” reaction to an occurrence.  The sign she “rules” is Cancer.
Related Sign(s): Cancer, the Crab.  This zodiac sign is ruled by The Moon.



Meaning: The Norse god Tyr, or Tiw's Day

Other names: Mar's Day – Mardi is French for Tuesday.

Planetary Ruler: Mars
Associated Planet(s):  Pluto Planetoid
Related Sign(s): Aries, the Ram & Scorpio, the Scorpion.

Mars represents the Energy System of Action, Intention and the erotic pulse of Desire.  He is associated with war and anger, but is primarily motivated by finding identity through taking action.  If finding identity means creating conflict, so be it.  If it means fiercely protecting others, so be it.  If it means having sex, so be it.  Mars represents the Erotic Impulse and the physical aspect of our sexuality.  He rules the sign Aries and co-rules the sign Scorpio.

Pluto/Minerva represents the Energy of Transformation and changing everything that is Taboo into everything that is Sacred.  He/She represents power at its deepest level—that is:  the awareness of the darkest, most secret parts of life AND the knowledge of how to relate to these secrets in order to achieve victory and heal yourself and others.  He/She also represents the destructive nature of keeping a secret in the dark and hurting and abusing self and others.  He/She co-rules Scorpio along with Mars.



Meaning: The Norse god Odin, or Woden's Day

Other names:Mercury's Day – Miercoles is Spanish for Wednesday.

Planetary Ruler(s): Mercury

Mercury represents the Energy System of Communication and all the tools we use to communicate an idea, a musical concept, a written or spoken message or any type of information, like mathematics or science.  Mercury represents expression and rules both information and disinformation—lies and trickery.  His/Her interest is in providing the tools to learn, to investigate, to order, to gather knowledge and to express/communicate it.  Sometimes the tools of expression are masks, languages, and the arts.  Even if Mercury has to trick you to give you these tools, S/He will. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo.
Related Sign(s): Gemini, the Twins & Virgo, the Virgin Harvester.  These two Zodiac signs are ruled by Mercury.



Meaning: The Norse god Thor's Day

Other names: Jupiter's Day; Jove's Day – Jeudi is French for Thursday.  Giovedi is Italian for Thursday.

Planetary Ruler(s): Jupiter

Associated Planet(s):  Neptune

Jupiter represents the Energy System of Expansion and Finding Meaning.  He is the storyteller who collects all Mercury’s information and puts it together to create meaning and helps us go beyond what we thought was possible.  In this way Jupiter brings us great fortune.  He rules the sign Sagittarius and co-rules Pisces.

Neptune represents the Energy of Dreams, Imagination, Illusion and Belief.  It also represents the Energy of Delusion, Self-Deception and Manipulation.  If you’re clear about Neptune’s powers, you can turn what you imagine into reality.  But if you get hooked on Neptune’s trident, you’re lost in a fantasy world instead of having a clear vision of what you want your life to be.  These are the major choices of expressing Neptune’s energy.  Neptune co-rules Pisces along with Jupiter.

Related Sign(s): Sagittarius, the Centaur Archer & Pisces, the Fish Pair.  The Sagittarius Zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter.  The Pisces Zodiac sign is ruled by Jupiter and co-ruled by Neptune.



Meaning: The Norse god Freya's Day

Other names: Venus' Day – Viernes is Spanish for Friday.

Planetary Ruler(s): Venus

Venus represents the Energy System of Relating.  Where the Moon relates everything to itself, Venus relates to others.  She sees the two sides of anything and strives to balance the two by creating a harmonious relationship.  Venus functions in work, love, friendship, art and craft to create beauty through the achievement of an aesthetic harmony.  She also works through the justice system to create the harmony found in a fair and just resolution.  Venus represents the social and emotional aspects of our sexuality.  She rules the signs Taurus and Libra.

Related Sign(s): Taurus, the Bull & Libra, the Scales.  These two Zodiac signs are ruled by Venus.



Meaning: Saturn's Day.

Planetary Ruler(s): Saturn

Associated Planet(s):  Uranus

Saturn represents the Energy System of Definition, setting boundaries and providing structure.  Sometimes He does this through putting up obstacles or challenges that we need to turn into stepping-stones so that we can become stronger, more responsible human beings.  When Saturn puts a brick wall in front of us, it is usually so that we will climb it to get to higher ground.  He rules the sign Capricorn and co-rules Aquarius.

Uranus represents the Energy of Change and Disruption and Revolution.  Everything must change.  It dissolves old paradigms and sets the stage for new ones.  It strikes like lightening—an electric blue notice that your set up has been pulled down.  Time for a new way of living!  When Uranus is transiting major planets in your chart, you can be certain that change is coming.  Uranus co-rules Aquarius with Saturn.
Related Sign(s): Capricorn, the Seahorse-Goat & Aquarius, the Water Bearer / Bodhisattva.