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You are intensely changed the moment you take your first breath at birth. Your natal, or birth, chart is a snapshot of the sky, at that moment. The stars and planets of the 'Big Picture' above put their stamp on that 'Little Picture' that is Little You...For Life.  But what does it all mean?  A good natal chart interpretation can help you see patterns in your life that you would like to strengthen, reinforce, or, perhaps change.  A great chart interpretation can do more than just give you insight into your tendencies.  A great natal chart reading can help you realize that you are not your thoughts, words, feelings or deeds.  Having an awareness of the metaphysical space between you and your behavior gives you the clarity to make different choices about the things you no longer want to happen automatically.

The Transit chart looks at where the Planets are now, in the heavens. How do they relate to your birth chart?  How are they influencing tendencies?  What opportunities for growth and change are the planets, right now, influencing in your chart?  A good transit reading is not fortune telling; it invites you to entertain possibilities.  A great transit reading gives you the clarity of awareness so that you can ask yourself the questions that only you can answer.



Synastry is the art of relationship astrology.  It means "together stars" from the Latin synastria.  Naturally, it involves looking at the birth charts of two or more people to see how they interact with each other.  It is done for families, co-workers, and educational groups.  But it is most often cast for romantic couples as three charts: one for each partner and a third, composite chart for the relationship.  Transit readings can be added in to show how current astronomical phenomena affects each of the members of the relationship and the relationship, as a whole.



Also called Relocation Astrology. Your Relocation Chart changes your Rising Sign depending on where you move.  If you're from New York and you had a Cancer Rising, you now have an Aries or Taurus Rising in Los Angeles.  Relocation charts are also great for taking a trip to "reset" your chart, or add another layer of distinction to your natal chart.  Are you having a hard time meeting the love of your life?  Astrocartography can map out how your Venus "love line" sits across The Earth.  If your Venus lines are in the middle of the Ocean, you might take a cruise across the Pacific to optimize your opportunities for romance.  The same is possible for a great career, or an education, or starting your life over.  Astrocartography is a great way to see where you are in your life and where you're going...literally and figuratively.