Random Acts of Astrology: Leo


What was just affecting Scorpio is now focused on you, Leo: An awareness of the true nature of powerful forces you know are there but cannot always see with the naked eye.
Truly understanding their intent will help you to see that they are neither beneficial, nor malefic. It is your final awareness of their neutrality that enables you to make of them what you want.
This is only true because you are finally relying on YOURSELF as the MAKER of your own destiny.
Even while a dark (not evil; just hidden in darkness), outside force is body-checking you to remember that TRUE Theatrical Drama holds Mystery at it's core, you are also given an unexpected "identity jolt" that may cause you to happily re-examine just who you really DO think you are.
Sound confusing...? It won't by the end of the day.

Random Acts of Astrology: Scorpio

SCORPIO!!! Pay Attention!

Be ready for Today Monday, August 18th.
The illusions about how the right combination of "luck" and "mood" will save you are revealed. Now you are able to be "In the Game," but not "Of" it.
Summon around you the groundswell of Self-Authority and Self-Motivation that is abundant.
Meditate today! The inner saboteur works HARDEST on our good days...and this is a GOOD DAY. Do not allow it to stop you from gaining traction on your advancement. Rather, MEDITATE and SURRENDER TO SOURCE. This will put space between you and the inner saboteur's whispers.
The YOD, or "finger of god(dess)," is pointing to YOU to make the difference!

Random Acts Of Astrology: Aug 16


You're part of someone else's problem. Don't make it your own.


The theatrical, dramatic, gregarious fun you are "assisting" will make you its slave unless you see it for what it is and not fall prey to what you think it can do for you. Instead use the flow of physical and organizational energy in your life to return the focus to YOU.
Then, the fun will be JUST fun and you lessen the chances of a sucker-punch.


You don't "need" astrology, but you need to be reminded that "One monkey don't stop no SHOW," as my Daddy used to say. Don't even bother complaining about it(them). It would take away from your blessed day.


You're not left out; you're just out of touch with all the theatre and melodrama swirling around you. Be appreciative of your place in the eye of the storm. In 3-4 days, the Twister's Eye Walls will be spinning you into the fray. Use the objectivity now for the trip, later.


Random Acts Of Astrology: Aug 15


Allow challenging surprises to be a slap to awaken you. Fortunately, you're emotionally stable to handle them, today.
Dreams are opportunities in-and-of-themselves. They catalyze and coalesce a number of long-term projects and action items into a concert of creation. As long as you focus on balancing self-reliance with inter-dependence, you will fly.