Astrology For The Week: Sep 7 - 13

Sunday, September 7th - Saturday, September 13th

The only thing funnier than a “Three’s Company misunderstanding” unfolding is the climax when everyone figures out that “assume” really does make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ & ‘me.’ For everyone, jumping to conclusions will lead to LOTS of embarrassment, later on. We’re ALL prone to do it, this week, in different areas of our lives. The trick is to catch the impulse before we become this week’s Jack Tripper, or worse…Mr. Furley.

Virgoans Born this week:

Your birthday constellation this week is Hercules, the Hero
When a Hero is popular, they can do no wrong. Enjoy it, this week…AND discern who your real friends are. Hero’s undergo transformations again and again. You’re in-between changes and it looks pretty, right now. The next journey may not be so lovely. Only real friends will rally to your side, then. Cherish these, here and now.

The Keyword is: Discernment

Astrology For The Week: Aug 31 - Sep 6

Sunday, August 31st - Saturday, September 6th

All of the major 7 luminaries:

The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are either in the signs of Leo, Virgo, or Scorpio. So let’s focus on these three:

Virgoans born this week:

Your birthday Constellation is Hercules. Please focus on putting the big picture in order; don’t get caught in details. They’ll work themselves out. Opportunities once blocked by gatekeepers are opening up.


Someone’s overly sunny disposition is getting on your nerves. Don’t cry when a tasty surprise makes them happier. You have a lot to learn from their joy.


Don’t be so busy fighting the powers-that-be that you miss the point and purpose of your conflict: to make you more aware of your own strength. Then, and only then, can your natural confidence scare your opponent into conceding defeat.

Everyone’s general horoscope:

When confused, choose the most efficient solution. There will be another time for the frills.


The Keyword is: Efficiency

Astrology For The Week: Aug 24 - 30

Sunday, August 24th - Saturday, August 30th

The Sun in Virgo is late this year, making it’s First full Day in The Virgin Harvester sign on Sunday. And just because the “harvest” is late doesn’t mean it’s lean. We tend to ramp up our work with a “back-to-school” attitude this time of year. Imagine all the focus of Fall combined with all the fun of Summer…and you’ve got what the next two weeks has in store for you. It’s a smart, sexy, fun, full-of-opportunity, and fierce fashion fortnight! And Virgo is finally the star of the show. Because Virgo is so helpful and intelligent, this means that everyone gets to shine. Enjoy this Crest of the Summer wave.

The Keyword is: Analysis

Virgoans born this week:

Your birthday Constellation is Crater, The Cup: The Goblet of Apollo, symbolizing emotional giving. You spend so much intellectual energy on EVERYTHING that emotions are high with loved ones…usually. This week, you will be cool, calm and collected with even those closest to you. Observe how this affects your relationships and file it away in your repertoire for a future performance.

Astrology For The Week: Aug 17 - 23

Sunday, August 17th - Saturday, August 23rd

What passes for “everyone is out to get me” are actually inner conflicts exploded outward onto the world. That Russian proverb, “don’t blame the looking glass if your face is awry” applies, here. Fortunately, our mental faculties are precise enough to help us cut the fat and get to what’s really eating us. And that is a deep dissatisfaction with our inner drives not being met - or not being met fast enough. Whatever the issue, they key is to make a plan to achieve satisfaction and stick to it. Mars & Saturn in Scorpio have energies that can be patient; but they cannot take no for an answer.

The Keyword is: Creative-Visualization (I cheated. It’s two words.)

Leo’s Born this Week:

Early in the week - your birthday Constellation is also Hydra, the Water Serpent; later in the week - you are on the Cusp of Leo & Virgo.
All of this week’s Leo-Born (‘cuspers,’ included) will have extraordinary social AND sexual appeal. It’s deeper than it appears and shallow dalliances will become more involved, whether they’re in money, work, sex and/or love.

Astrology for The Week: Aug 10 - 16

Sunday, August 10th - Saturday, August 16th

This Sunday’s SUPER Full Moon in Aquarius will announce itself as an edict: “The meaning of life is X!” …And then on Monday, the next edict will be, “Forget about what I said yesterday. The definitive meaning of life is Y!”
…And this will go on until Thursday, when The Pisces Moon relaxes our black & white thinking into an impressionist painting of all possibilities. Dealing with this week’s immature, absolutist sub-personality will help us manage its return in October. Then, stymieing schedules battle life-altering opportunities for 6 months and we get to decide to either color within the lines or make up our own composition.

Leos Born This Week:

Your birthday Constellation is Hydra, the seductive Water-Serpent. Socially, everyone is FEELIN’ you, right now…but their intentions are cloudy, at best. Fair weather is for fair-weather-friends, but don’t forget the ones who have always been there for you.

The Keyword is: Expansion

Astrology for the week...Fashionably late!

It's that time again... Mr Turk's Weekly Horoscope served up by Ali Babu Che Johnson!

Week One | Sunday, August 3rd-Saturday, August 9th:

In the Classic, “Auntie Mame,” Rosalind Russell both ruins AND saves a stodgy play named “Midsummer Madness” by her insistence on wearing clanging bells as bracelets.Sunday’s MidSummer - or its pagan name, “Litha” - is the midpoint between Summer and Autumn. This madness is more like a craze for fun, recreation, and procreation. The clanging bells ridiculously ringing throughout this week will also ruin what is stodgy and save the rest. Monday is the day to ring your own bell and toot your own horn. Announcing your assets will pay off by Thursday, when they miraculously grow in reputation…and value.

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