Valentine's Day=Aquarius' Love Potion



The Lessons of Aquarian Love: Compassion; Flowing Space; The Erotic Mind

(Valentine Horoscopes below)

The Skinny:  Emotional memories both cloud and color-pretty the lenses of love through which we see the world. (Say THAT three times, fast!). This time of the year is great for giving everyone in our social circle their "space." That includes our closest romances and hook-ups. But it will be hard to see this because our nostalgic ideas of love are loudly influencing the way we see others. It's a GREAT day to sit with ourselves and remember all the great moments of our lives. It's also a Good day to sit with a close friend and recall all the good times. As much as we like to "make memories" on occasions like Valentine's Day, please entertain the possibility of doing something with someone that celebrates the rich history you share.

Aquarius:  In the US, late afternoon/early evening will bring a generous nostalgic surprise. Be open to letting go of concerns to be nurtured and allow other expressions of love in.

Pisces:  This is your Day! Frankly, this is your month from now until late March. You "act" by dreaming. Everyone is being forced to act in this way, too, right now, so you are the celestial traffic cop.

Aries:  You bring a lot of luck to everyone around you, including yourself, right now. This is not happening the way you are usually comfortable with "doing things." Sometimes, life and love is about surrender.

Taurus:  What "everyone" is saying and doing looks a lot more interesting than what you're doing, right now. But you have a tendency to forget that you are ALWAYS essential.

Gemini:  If you played the lottery on February 9th and/or January 6th, I hope you kept the 'losing' ticket, because those numbers are going to flip from a 'No' to a 'Yes.' This is also true of love proposals on those dates.

Cancer:  This day agrees with you. At home, sit in a calm space and plan your weekend, then go out in the late afternoon/early evening and enjoy an erotic moment & its mental stimulation.

Leo:  I hope you find time to "love yourself," today. And I mean that in ANY way you receive it. Whether you're erotic with yourself and/or others, this is a day for deep, evocative experiences.

Virgo:  You are the sign of Truth experienced through Physical Ritual. Don't skimp on the details of your ritual on a day like this. Go all out. You will be rewarded, especially if you do an "anti-Valentine's Day thing."

Libra:  You enjoy the theme of this day - Romantic Pairing - but the vibe is asking too much of you emotionally. For just today, surrender to the intensity of it and have fun, regardless of what siblings may do or say.

Scorpio:  The more 'soft' our natural intensity expresses itself, today, the more fun we will have. When we come to the surprising aid of others, our philosophical and professional goals will be expanded.

Sagittarius:  Check yourself. Your instinctual values are conflicting with the values you developed in childhood to cope with life, then. Now, experiencing great romance and eros require a sophisticated, multifaceted approach. You are evolved enough to do this. Your hedonism is actually the flip-side of great discipline & dedication.

Capricorn:  You and Libra are in a sibling dispute with each other and/or your actual siblings. Your feelings can be expressed to create positive values when you choose your words wisely. If you free your mind, an unlikely partner will unlock your inner "freak-of-the-week."


The Fat:  Aquarius is the Star Constellation of The Water Bearer. He/She is the Compassionate Bodhisattva of The Earth who cosmically connects all communities. Aquarius uses refined intellect (His/Her Air element) to carry and cast emotion (the Water element). Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn-the planet of limitation & structure AND Uranus-the planet of electric-blue change & revolution. Aquarius knows the rules and knows how to break them. Sometimes S/He does it to shock and rebel; sometimes He/She does it to transform a paradigm from something outdated to something unknown, yet malleable to meet the demands of the new situation. How does this affect our Romantic (Venus) and Physical-Erotic (Mars) ideas of Love?

Today - Saturday, the 14th of February, 2014 - the two Love planets: Venus & Mars are both in the sign of Pisces. This is love is more felt then expressed. And the feeling is deep, casting us into a swirl of evocative sounds and images. This is the love of memory's tricky cousin nostalgia. Today, Love is best expressed and experienced when mingled with memories of good times shared. There is great benefit in reviewing the vast storehouse of good feelings we have created with another. In this space, our thirst for romantic castles in the sky and deep-plunging erotic lovemaking can be slaked.

Still, no matter which signs Venus and Mars are in each year, The Sun is always in Aquarius - about 23-25 degrees. Aquarius understands intensity. That's why S/He prefers to remain detached. There is an expectation for grand, sweeping gesture of affection and adoration on Valentine's Day. Aquarius rightfully rebels against such a forced paradigm. If we are not careful to respect The Sun's need for detached intensity in Aquarius, our plans for grandiose expressions of 'love' could be in for a nasty surprise. The Sun in Aquarius is tolerant of set a point. The more we experiment, today, the more we will be surprisingly rewarded.

The Aquarius Love Potion

The Aquarius Love Potion