Astrology for the week...Fashionably late!

It's that time again... Mr Turk's Weekly Horoscope served up by Ali Babu Che Johnson!

Week One | Sunday, August 3rd-Saturday, August 9th:

In the Classic, “Auntie Mame,” Rosalind Russell both ruins AND saves a stodgy play named “Midsummer Madness” by her insistence on wearing clanging bells as bracelets.Sunday’s MidSummer - or its pagan name, “Litha” - is the midpoint between Summer and Autumn. This madness is more like a craze for fun, recreation, and procreation. The clanging bells ridiculously ringing throughout this week will also ruin what is stodgy and save the rest. Monday is the day to ring your own bell and toot your own horn. Announcing your assets will pay off by Thursday, when they miraculously grow in reputation…and value.

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