Astrology for The Week: Aug 10 - 16

Sunday, August 10th - Saturday, August 16th

This Sunday’s SUPER Full Moon in Aquarius will announce itself as an edict: “The meaning of life is X!” …And then on Monday, the next edict will be, “Forget about what I said yesterday. The definitive meaning of life is Y!”
…And this will go on until Thursday, when The Pisces Moon relaxes our black & white thinking into an impressionist painting of all possibilities. Dealing with this week’s immature, absolutist sub-personality will help us manage its return in October. Then, stymieing schedules battle life-altering opportunities for 6 months and we get to decide to either color within the lines or make up our own composition.

Leos Born This Week:

Your birthday Constellation is Hydra, the seductive Water-Serpent. Socially, everyone is FEELIN’ you, right now…but their intentions are cloudy, at best. Fair weather is for fair-weather-friends, but don’t forget the ones who have always been there for you.

The Keyword is: Expansion