Astrology For The Week: Aug 24 - 30

Sunday, August 24th - Saturday, August 30th

The Sun in Virgo is late this year, making it’s First full Day in The Virgin Harvester sign on Sunday. And just because the “harvest” is late doesn’t mean it’s lean. We tend to ramp up our work with a “back-to-school” attitude this time of year. Imagine all the focus of Fall combined with all the fun of Summer…and you’ve got what the next two weeks has in store for you. It’s a smart, sexy, fun, full-of-opportunity, and fierce fashion fortnight! And Virgo is finally the star of the show. Because Virgo is so helpful and intelligent, this means that everyone gets to shine. Enjoy this Crest of the Summer wave.

The Keyword is: Analysis

Virgoans born this week:

Your birthday Constellation is Crater, The Cup: The Goblet of Apollo, symbolizing emotional giving. You spend so much intellectual energy on EVERYTHING that emotions are high with loved ones…usually. This week, you will be cool, calm and collected with even those closest to you. Observe how this affects your relationships and file it away in your repertoire for a future performance.