Astrology For The Week: Aug 17 - 23

Sunday, August 17th - Saturday, August 23rd

What passes for “everyone is out to get me” are actually inner conflicts exploded outward onto the world. That Russian proverb, “don’t blame the looking glass if your face is awry” applies, here. Fortunately, our mental faculties are precise enough to help us cut the fat and get to what’s really eating us. And that is a deep dissatisfaction with our inner drives not being met - or not being met fast enough. Whatever the issue, they key is to make a plan to achieve satisfaction and stick to it. Mars & Saturn in Scorpio have energies that can be patient; but they cannot take no for an answer.

The Keyword is: Creative-Visualization (I cheated. It’s two words.)

Leo’s Born this Week:

Early in the week - your birthday Constellation is also Hydra, the Water Serpent; later in the week - you are on the Cusp of Leo & Virgo.
All of this week’s Leo-Born (‘cuspers,’ included) will have extraordinary social AND sexual appeal. It’s deeper than it appears and shallow dalliances will become more involved, whether they’re in money, work, sex and/or love.