Sunday, December 21st 2014 - The Winter Solstice: From Shadow into Light

Today's Winter Solstice - the "shortest" Day of the Year - Happens at 6:03PM Eastern Standard Time (3:03PM PST). It is the shortest daylight period for the Northern Hemisphere and the longest daylight period - The Summer Solstice - for the Southern Hemisphere.

The Darkest Day is also the Longest Day

For those of us in The North, one would think that this day marks the latest Sunrise and the Earliest Sunset of the Year.
But...The Winter Solstice Sun is SPECIAL. It rises Earlier than The Sun will rise in January and it sets Later than it did about two weeks ago. How is this possible? Because The Earth's orbit around The Sun is not a circle; it's elliptical. This slightly egg-shaped orbit means that the days at this time of year are actually LONGER than 24 hours.

So just remember, the Darkest Day is also the Longest Day - and this means more light to balance the lack of light. Even when it seems Darkest...Hope, Love, Faith, Courage...all Light is present in abundance.