What can this tell us about what happened 13 years ago...?

Sabian Symbol Oracle REDUX
Yesterday was Wednesday, September 10th.

The Sabian Symbol was: Virgo 18˚
This WAS ALSO THE SUN'S DEGREE ON 9/11 2001: Virgo 18˚


Commentary: In 1848, “two girls” - sisters from Hydesville, New York - popularized the Ouija board and it spread across the US and Europe. This phenomenon expresses the West’s need to participate in numinous activities like spiritual and occult practices. The young, feminine, largely innocent and receptive aspects of our collective psyche is “playing” with the Unseen forces of life. There are 3 elements, here: two persons and an occult oracular agent, allowing the two to dialog together. “Two” often denotes duality. The third agent facilitates their communication and deeper mutual understanding. Additionally, partners who are willing play together - at first naïvely entertaining the oracle - can unlock great wisdom. Observe whether-or-not all the seeking is an excuse to avoid responsibility.

Quotes to relate with the Oracle:

“If I waited to be right before I spoke, I would be sending little cryptic messages on the Ouija board, complaints from the other side.”
- Audre Lorde

“You must pray carefully and for the very essence of your desire or you will be caught up in many musings of things you may not want for your own experience.”
- Ouija Message

What does this SYMBOL say to You?