Astrology For The Week: Sep 7 - 13

Sunday, September 7th - Saturday, September 13th

The only thing funnier than a “Three’s Company misunderstanding” unfolding is the climax when everyone figures out that “assume” really does make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ & ‘me.’ For everyone, jumping to conclusions will lead to LOTS of embarrassment, later on. We’re ALL prone to do it, this week, in different areas of our lives. The trick is to catch the impulse before we become this week’s Jack Tripper, or worse…Mr. Furley.

Virgoans Born this week:

Your birthday constellation this week is Hercules, the Hero
When a Hero is popular, they can do no wrong. Enjoy it, this week…AND discern who your real friends are. Hero’s undergo transformations again and again. You’re in-between changes and it looks pretty, right now. The next journey may not be so lovely. Only real friends will rally to your side, then. Cherish these, here and now.

The Keyword is: Discernment