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Ali Babu Che Johnson - Che (or 'ABC') for short - has been casting and interpreting Astrological charts for the 22+ years he has lived in Los Angeles. Che is a native New Yorker who has been "bi-coastal" between LA & NYC since 2010. In Los Angeles, Che studied the nuts and bolts of Astrology with Gaye Nelson of the Southern California Astrological Network (SCAN) and learned from his mentor, world-renowned Astrologer Caroline W. Casey, about the deeper, hidden meanings in an astrological chart. After years of perfecting his craft on his guinea pig family and friends, Che has written columns for Conde Naste and currently is the Astrologer for Men's Clothing line MR TURK's fashion blog. He is presently writing a book on practical astrology mantras for each day of the week.

ABC does a variety of Astrological chart interpretations, including: Natal Charts and Transits, Synastry Charts, and Astrocartography for clients, parties, and educational events. But what makes Che's work stand out from just traditional astrological readings is that he sees into the person and helps them awaken to their goals.  As ABC says, "It's all there in the person.  It's all there in the chart:  Our fears, our faith, our fall and our rise.  My job is to help you see it.  Once you see it, you can step in to Be it."



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